Expert: Province should track schools’ violent threat data

The trauma expert who pioneered the threat assessment model used by schools in New Brunswick – and across Canada – is calling on the province to centrally track its violent threat data.

A crisis-response specialist talks about the Calgary stabbings

As executive director of the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, Kevin Cameron spends his days trying to defuse crisis situations and help victims, families, schools and communities make sense of tragedies that seem nonsensical.

Preventing school-related violence in Alberta

Experts believe that it is rare for school-related violence to happen out of the blue. These events are most often carefully planned and developed. According to Alberta violence threat risk assessment teams, perpetrators leave enough indicators to alert those paying attention, and spotting the signs before it escalates to stop violence before it starts.

VTRA marks three years in Leduc region

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Are Mass Murderers Insane? Usually Not, Researchers Say

If what people do is any reflection of who they are, then Devin P. Kelley, who slaughtered 26 churchgoers on Sunday in Texas, surely was a madman. Before the atrocity, he had attempted to sneak weapons onto an Air Force base after making death threats to his superiors, according to a local police report.

Mass Killings Are Seen as a Kind of Contagion

As mass shootings have become ever more familiar, experts have come to understand them less as isolated expressions of rage and more as acts that build on the blueprints of previous rampages. Experts in violence prevention say that many, if not most, perpetrators of such shootings have intensively researched earlier mass attacks, often expressing admiration for those who carried them out.

Limits to Law and Information Sharing, Despite Gunman’s Danger Signs

LOS ANGELES – Elliot O. Rodger was a young college student who had few friends, detested his roommates and spent much of his time alone, reveling in the isolation of a local golf course or the beaches near Isla Vista, where he lived.

Saskatoon teachers learn to spot trauma in students | CBC News

A trauma expert is helping Saskatoon teachers learn how to recognize the signs of extreme stress in students, as a first step in preventing violence or suicide. Kevin Cameron has another message as well: It’s not only up to teachers to spot the signs, but also parents and other adults involved in the lives of children and teens.