“Promoting healthy and safe communities through education and skill development for professionals, parents, children, and youth.”

Our Vision: "To support agencies and professionals in every community to develop collaborative multidisciplinary teams focusing on early intervention, prevention, and aftermath strategies for crises, trauma, violence, and conflict.”

On April 20th, 1999, two students entered Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado and carried out an elaborate plan to terrorize their school. This wasn't the first school shooting in United States schools but it was by definition the "worst". Canadians, like our American counterparts, were shocked at the depth of violence in American schools. It wasn't until eight days later when a Canadian student entered a Canadian school with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and opened fire that an American tragedy was about to become a Canadian experience.

Serious crises and traumatic events have impacted many schools and communities across North America. Some are well prepared to deal with the initial trauma response while others are not. Most have little or no training in the impact of trauma on systems and key aspects of longer term recovery. Cameron/Otto, therefore, consults with systems impacted by trauma by assisting in the initial trauma response and/or the recovery process. This includes dealing with systems that have experienced multiple crises (suicides, accidental deaths, etc.) and are concerned that high-risk behaviors continue to occur and recovery may be stalled or impaired. Services may include small group consultation with professionals, large group consultation, formal or informal neetings with parents, students or all of the above.

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